Locational Assistance

Locational Assistance

Get your head around the Holy City of Qom through the logistical assistance we can potentially provide!

The immediate and most important things you should know:

  • Markaz Khademaat (The Service Center for Students)
  • Where to renew your student Visa
  • Where the hospitals are located
  • How to engage emergency services, like Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade (the emergency number in Iran is 110)
  • Where to find your embassy

The places you may need for day-to-day life:

  • Where to buy your groceries
  • Where to shop for books
  • Where to shop for clothes
  • Where to go for household appliances
  • Where are the best children schools, playschools and kindergartens

Special venues and locations:

  • Venues for an event or majlis you may wish to organize or attend
  • The best restaurants, cafes and fast-food joints
  • The Mountain of Khidhr
  • Islamic Pulse Studios
  • SOQ Cultural Center
  • The House of Imam Khomeini
  • The various madrassas that exist throughout the city
  • And much more…