Adobe Photoshop Basic Course (2022)

For the period of August 20th to September 1st 2022, Students of Qom (SoQ) in collaboration with Islamic Pulse hosted a 6-sessions technical crash course for youth titled ‘Adobe Photoshop Basic Crash Course’.

After initial screening, the total of 13 boys and 17 girls qualified to participate in this course. The boys’ classes were conducted by male teacher and teacher assistant. Likewise, the girls’ classes were conducted by female teacher and teacher assistant.

For boys, Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi (Lead teacher) and Br. Asadullah Ali (Assistant teacher) conducted the sessions. And for girls, Sr. Zaynab Ali (Lead teacher) and Sister Huda Ali (Assistant teacher) conducted the sessions.

All students observed punctuality during the course. Each session was comprised of 2.5 hours. The first instructor-led hour focused on teaching the theory and introduction to new tools and techniques in Adobe Photoshop using a projector.


The theory session was followed up by congregational prayers led by Shaykh Ali Qomi.


Immediately after Salaah, brief and informative Akhlaaq (manners & ethics) advice were given to the students by Shaykh Muzaffer Hyder & Sayyid Shahryar Naqvi on alternate days.


Right after the short speech by scholars, the students got engaged in hands-on practice session. Each student was assigned a computer system for 1.5 hours.

On graduation day, a short certificate ceremony was arranged where parents of the participants were invited to witness the Certificates of Completion being awarded to their children.


We thank those who attended and supported this venture and we do plan to offer more courses in future. Insha’Allah. Stay tuned!

~ Students of Qom (SoQ)


Students of Qom (SoQ) is a non-profit, non-governmental association of Islamic Seminary English speaking students in the Holy City of Qom, with the aim to promote, encourage, facilitate, and carry out the propagation of pure Islam’s message to all corners of the world, especially to the English speaking communities.

Lesson 1:
*Understanding the Interface
*Creating a New Photoshop Project
*Selecting, Zooming, and Moving Around

Lesson 2:
*Intro to the Layers Panel
*Using the Align Tools
*Using Layer Masks
*Camera RAW Basic Adjustments

Lesson 3:
*Non-Destructive Photo Editing
*Crop and Straighten Images
*The Selection Tools
*Refining the Edge

Lesson 4:
*Healing Brushes and other types
*Creating Shapes
*Blending Modes

Lesson 5:
*The Type Tool
*Adding Styles
*Adding filters

Lesson 6:
*Recap of all the topics
*Exporting the project