"And Allah invites to the
Home of Peace"
Surah Yunus, Verse 25
"So that He may bring you out from the darkness
[and] towards the light"
Surah Ahzab, Verse 43
"O' you who believe!
If you help [the cause of] Allah,
He will help you and make your steps firm."
Surah Muhammad, Verse 7

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Welcome to
Students of QOM

Students of Qom (SOQ) is an association of English speaking Islamic Seminary students in the Holy City of Qom, aiming to develop, encourage, and facilitate the teachings of Islam’s pure message throughout the globe.

SOQ consists of multicultural and multiethnic students residing in the Holy City of Qom. It is a non-profit, non-governmental association of Islamic Seminary students in the Holy City of Qom.

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Muharram 2024

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📍SoQ Cultural Center
توحید، زیر پل نیروگاہ، خیابان مصطفی خمینی، نبش کوچه مصطفی خمینی 2، ساختمان آجرنما


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the education system of the Islamic Seminary work?

For International students, the Islamic Seminary offers two programs:
(1) Long-term
(2) Short-term (structured courses spanning over a limited timeframe)

Long-term programs are of two types:
(1) Howza system
(2) Non-Howza system

In Howza system, students cover Levels 1-5 (Ijtihad).
In non-Howza system, students cover 2-year diploma, degree course, post-graduate course and doctorate in Islamic sciences.

Islamic Republic of Iran’s Education Ministry issues the official degree at the completion of the requirements of the education program.

Can I attend short courses in Qom (instead of full Howza)?

Yes, you can attend short courses offered by several Islamic Institutes, colleges, and universities. For example, Al-Hikmah institute is responsible for holding many such courses in different languages. http://istes.miu.ac.ir/

Does Iran offer Citizenship to foreigners?

While the country’s law may include provision for such an arrangement, generally non-Iranians do not get Iran’s citizenship.

The children of non-Iranian parents who are born in Iran can apply for citizenship when they grow up here. Conditions apply. Please seek legal consultancy for further information.

Does Iran have an Internet service?

Yes, Iran has a decent 4G internet service.

Typical home internet speed is 7 Mbps.

4G internet is available on mobile phones as well.

Can I purchase and drive my own car or motorcycle?

Yes, you can purchase and drive a car or motorcycle. However, if you wish to drive, you’ll first need to get a driver’s license and then purchase a car or motorcycle. This is unlikely to happen within your first 6 months to a year in Qom. To start with we would recommend the public transportation services.