Adobe Summer Crash Course

Asalamu Alaikum,

For the period July 17th to August 10th 2021, Students of Qom (SoQ) in collabortation with Islamic Pulse hosted it’s first annual summer crash course for youth titled ‘Adobe Premier Basic Crash Course’.

A total of 16 boys and 8 girls participated in this course, the boys’ classes were conducted by professional video and graphic designer Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi(Lead teacher) and Brother Asadullah Ali(Assistant teacher) both from Pakistan. And for the girls’ classes Sister Zaynab Ali(Lead teacher) and Sister Huda Ali(Assistant teacher) who are also both from Pakistan.

The majority of the participants observed punctuality during the course. Prior to commencement of the classes, students recited Namaaz Jama’at which was read by the course administrator Shaykh Ali Qomi from Pakistan.

Immediately after Namaaz brief and informative Akhlaaq( manners) advice were given to the students by Sayyid Shahryar of the United States of America.

The course schedule consisted of both theoretical and practical sessions where one day students would learn the necessary skills of basic video editing in a classroom environment with the aid of a projector. The following class, these skills would be implemented on the systems provided or on the students’ personal laptops.

The last day of the course the students were treated to lunch (pizza) which was generously provided by volunteers of the program.

On graduation day, a short award ceremony was arranged where parents of the participants were invited to witness the Certificates of Completion being awarded to their children.

We thank those who attended and supported this venture and we do plan to offer more courses in future. Insha’Allah. Stay tuned!

~ Students of Qom (SoQ)


Students of Qom (SoQ) is a non-profit, non-governmental association of Islamic Seminary English speaking students in the Holy City of Qom, with the aim to promote, encourage, facilitate, and carry out the propagation of pure Islam’s message to all corners of the world, especially to the English speaking communities.